Fall 2011:

Here it is the end of September and I just turned in Ruined by Moonlight, the first in the Whispers of Scandal series. I’m so excited for this one as I love a mixture of mystery and romance when I read, and I can’t tell you how much fun it is to write. Benjamin, Lord Heathton, is still a bit of an enigma, but the most intriguing part of writing the book was how his wife, who is a spirited and clever young lady, is introducing him to me. Hmm. I never intended for her to be such a central character, but there she was, and she didn’t quite steal the show, but she didn’t allow herself to be put in the background either. I think that Benjamin has definitely met his match and he is slowly coming to realize it.

Synopsis anyone?

Is someone deliberately ruining London’s most popular debutantes…

When Lady Elena Morrow wakes in a state of undress in bed with a notorious rake, her first reaction is outrage and her second one is bewilderment when her companion, the infamous and sinfully attractive Viscount Andrews, seems just as confused. She remembers nothing of the night before and neither does he, but they are most definitely locked in together in an unfamiliar room…

After six months of marriage, Benjamin Wallace, the Earl of Heathton is reasonably contented. He has a beautiful, dutiful wife, a title and fortune, and though perhaps he finds his day to day life tedious compared to his previous profession during the war, he is reasonably content. That peace is shattered when first his wife issues an ultimatum saying she refuses to share his bed unless he agrees to certain terms. In the same hour her uncle arrives asking him to help find his daughter, who has mysteriously vanished. It’s true, his placid existence had left him a bit bored, but the sudden drama isn’t at what he is looking for and surely he shouldn’t have to court his own wife, much less go off looking for errant ingénues?

Together Lord and Lady Heathton pursue a wily adversary that wants to do nothing more than create whispers of scandal…

And don’t anyone forget Twice Fallen, coming from Signet Eclipse in January of 2012. Damien Northfield was just as fun the second time around (well, more fun, since he was the hero) and I am waiting to hear if you all think I did his story justice.

Top Ten Reasons E-books Rock
By Bethany Michaels

1. E-books never get yellowed pages, a musty old-book smell or book mites, no matter how long you have them.
2. E-books are usually cheaper than their dead-tree counterparts, which means your TBR file can grow even faster!
3. Immediate gratification. You see, you download, you savor, all while Grey’s Anatomy is on commercial break.
4. If you invest in a mobile device with a back-light feature , you can read in bed in the dark without keeping your bedmate up…unless you choose to ?
5. You can “Go Green” painlessly, like all the coolest celebrities. No trees give their lives for your reading pleasure and no diesel-engine trucks are required to transport your e-book from the publisher’s server to your PC.
6. As more publishers release their backlists in electronic formats, you’ll be able to hunt down another copy of that book you loved and then lent to someone in 1987, without paying prices on Ebay the mafia would respect, writing 100 letters to the publisher begging them to release a re-print, or trolling used bookstores every weekend for a year looking for it (wait, that part sounds kind of fun!)
7. You can read the hottest erotic romance title in your doctor’s office waiting room without cardiac patients going into arrest from seeing a cover filled with images of naked people doing things they’ve only read about in public service brochures.
8. You can buy the hottest erotic romance title without facing a smirking teenaged clerk who knows exactly what’s between those pages and why you’re buying it.
9. E-books don’t take up any space in bookshelves, closets, garages, attics, basements, crawl-spaces, coffee tables, in kitchen cabinets, under the beds or in bathroom vanity drawers. And when you move, you put your library in your purse instead of packing it in 157 moving boxes.
10. Your text-messaging, viral-videoing, social-networking, Blue-Toothing kids will think you’re cool.



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